Who we are

Our mission is to identify and develop trading talent.

We challenge the status quo of the forex market, where most traders lose money, either because they don’t have an edge or due to making costly trading mistakes.

As scientists and active members of the forex community, we built an algorithm able to measure and identify trading talent as well as help traders become better by powering their decisions with actionable insights.

  • ML-driven insights on trading
  • Copy trading platform
  • Improve your trading
  • Trading Education

ML-driven insights on trading

Use the power of AI trained and tested on many traders and scientific research to make better trading decisions and improve your performance.

Copy trading platform

Trade with the best traders who are selected and incubated through FXAnalyst Score™ — our proprietary trading talent filter, and capital allocation program Select.

Trading Education

Alan Tang has been an active independent trader. He has been offering market analysis and trading advice to the public via TradingView since 2016.