The Business

Sydney based trader who has started his own exchange for currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Primarily looking for new trade clients and able to meet anywhere.
See attached performance sheet for performance back to 2017 and pictures of the system.


High Return Forex Trading

A group of successful traders have started their own exchange
and now looking for new trade clients. Traded for a big client out of
Sydney and made Alan over 35% in year of 2018-2019.


The Deal

Looking for A$1,000,000 – Min per Investor A$60,000

We’re looking for the right partners and clients to trade for with our trading systems. Have proof and testimonial from big client out of Sydney the money we made him.


BIOGRAPHY Forex Analyst and Pro Trader.

Alan Tang has been an active independent trader. He has been offering market analysis and trading advice to the public via TradingView since 2016. To begin to understand price behavior, you must learn how to create structure out of inherently un-structured market environments. the whole focus of his approach to more successful trading lies in learning how to create that Economic stimulus system.