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Powering Trader Decisions

FXAnalyst is a Machine Learning driven analytics platform providing MT4 traders with actionable insights to improve trading and discover trading strategies that work.


ML-driven insights on trading

Use the power of AI trained and tested on 1,000+ traders and scientific research to make better trading decisions and improve your performance.

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Copy trading platform

Trade with the best traders who are selected and incubated through FXAnalyst Score™ — our proprietary trading talent filter, and capital allocation program — FXAnalyst Select.

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  • Realtime updates

Capital allocation program

Get access to up to $10,000 of additional trading capital and fast track to a professional trader career.

  • Monitor and control your risk better
  • Avoid trading mistakes
  • Get data-driven insights
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The Business Model

Sydney based trader who has started his own exchange for currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Primarily looking for new trade clients and able to meet anywhere.

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How It Works

Can improve your trading

Discover the unique ranking ML-Powered algorithm that evaluates a trader’s edge.
Compare yourself to the world’s top traders


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