Global markets need innovative new investment to thrive under current market conditions. Based on a business model that looks at the economy innovatively, invest with FX Analyst to enter the market with Alan Tang



  • It’s not THE economy; it’s the GLOBAL ECONOMY 
  • There’s a bubble in the global market, US markets, and Australian markets 
  • This is an issue of economies of scale, not of simply a recession 
  • The recession has been building in wall street for 6 months 
  • Make money because we are pro-trader


The Business

Investing in the safest short options available to the bear market of a large scale economic recession (Since proven) with a buy option at a fixed term limit to mitigate risk. Global inflation is nearly double safe limits. The UN is also nearly bankrupt as the US has not paid $1 Trillion in dues. A strong bear market is coming and the business model is ready to operate as soon as capitol is raised on the back of in-depth analysis of industry leaders. Our short term strategy is a dynamic move into a new market moving on to grain an advantage by being the first to hit the just discovered market. Medium to long term stocks and indexes have been selected based on innovation, track record, adaptability to market and safety.